August 11, 2021
1inch and Polygon
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1inch Partnership With Polygon

In this article, we are going to announce 1inch partnership with Polygon. The Decentralized Exchange Aggregator has started working on the top of Ethereum scaling solution. In fact, 1inch DEX is going to launch its network on Polygon. 1inch is a popular protocol, which has aggregated many important DeFi projects in the form of one unified application. Now with this new implementation, users can access Curve, SushiSwap, QuickSwap, Aave 2 and Cometh applications liquidity by Polygon.

News; 1inch partnership with Polygon

Polygon is one of the top Ethereum scaling solutions, which is experiencing its best year as it has been integrated with large applications such as Aave, Curve and SushiSwap. Polygon utilizes Proof-of-Stakers consensus algorithm and plays an important role as a side chain for Ethereum mainnet. It processes transactions at very low fees so that it is possible to complete a transaction on this platform for only less than a cent. Polygon has not neglected new opportunities like NFT world either and has recently cooperated with Cent to develop a specific platform in order to tokenize tweets.

After joining 1inch to Binance Smart Chain, numerous partnership requests were made to make Polygon available in order to exchange via 1inch. Therefore, 1inch protocol established on Polygon and is expected that 1inch liquidity and governance protocols will be added to Polygon in the upcoming weeks.

During the past few days, the cost of using DeFi based layers gradually increased. The reason for this matter was Ethereum new ATHs as well as emersion of new coins named “dog coins”. Thus, Polygon is now a proper alternative for users.

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