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A Brief Look At Kusama Project

Many who have been in cryptocurrency industry for a while are probably familiar with Kusama. In this article we are going to take a brief look at Kusama project. In fact, this project works in parallel with Polkadot network. Although Kusama is similar to Polkadot in code base and the structure, it is much faster.

Kusama Project; a popular test net

At first, Kusama seems to be only a testnet, but it is more than that. Kusama actually is a development environment, which can be deployed like Polkadot, but faster. This platform allows developers to test new technologies, innovation in existing projects and, get ready to the full implementation of Polkadot.

This is only one of Kusama’s benefits. Many projects will definitely utilize Kusama as a test platform in order to develop and enter Polkadot. The transition would be easy. It should be mentioned that not all the projects will migrate to Polkadot. Some may prefer to stay in Kusama. Kusama provides a diverse and developing ecosystem for its peer network – Polkadot.

As Kusama is a testnet for testing before implementation on Polkadot, its technology is also very similar to this blockchain. However, instead of DOT token, Kusama has its native token called KSM. This token listed in trading pairs before DOT. KSM entered the market at the price of $1.71 in December 2019. KSM could reach $540 per token in mid-May this year.

However, at first Kusama was built to help Polkadot, but there are other reasons, which have made Kusama popular. For example, although Kusama is a platform for new projects, which are ready to run on Polkadot, many of them choose to continue working with Kusama. The reason for this matter is that its development is faster and more innovative. Also, the cost of a parachain in Kusama is expected to be much lower.

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