August 10, 2021
A New Method Of Crypto Scamming
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A New Method Of Crypto Scamming

Cryptocurrency is popular among scammers and hackers. In fact, the anonymity in transactions made it a suitable choice in order to use for illegal purposes. Everyday scammers and hackers find a new way to fall the victims in their traps. Although many resources make people aware of scamming methods, on the other side scammers and hackers become more creative and update their methods. Recently, a YouTuber talked about a new method of crypto scamming on one of his video on YouTube.


A new method of crypto scamming; it’s not the traditional malware scam

The more people become aware of scamming methods, the more creative scammers become. They choose new methods in order to fall the victims in their trap.

Recently, A YouTuber who is popular and has around 2.43 million subscribers talks about a new method, which scammers are using. In this method the scammers launched an XRP fake giveaway campaign.

David Damasceno has a YouTube channel called Universo Curioso. He talks about history, mystery and science topics on his channel. Recently, he received an email which was offering him a video editing tool to download. After he downloaded and installed the program on his computer, the cybercriminals could take the control of his account.

Zenium Editor is a malicious software

After controlling David’s accounts by cybercriminals, his YouTube channel flooded with many recorded videos and live broadcasts. Most of the videos was about a fake XRP 100 million giveaways. In fact, they were asking the users to send 2000 to 150000 XRP.

The fake software name, which David downloaded was Zenium Editor. The software offered some advanced feature such as handling advertising revenues, etc. Once he ran the malware on his computer, the malicious software took the control of his channel.

A new method of crypto scamming; Scammers asked for BTC payment

The story continued when Dmasceno was trying to take the control of his account back. At this time, scammers asked him to pay $10000 worth in BTC if he wants to get back the ownership of his channel.

Finally, around 6 hours after the attack, Damasceno could take the control of his account back without paying to hackers. He quickly deleted all the videos, which were uploaded by hackers.

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