August 11, 2021
A New Story Of Stolen Bitcoins From Electrum Wallet
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A New Story Of Stolen Bitcoins From Electrum Wallet

These days many hackers show interest in cryptocurrency world. The price of crypto coins is increasing continuously and make it an attractive choice for hackers. In fact, the features such as anonymity, which only cryptocurrencies provide in financial market make them a suitable choice for illegal activities. Many times we hear in the news that hackers could steal large amount of cryptos from hot wallet. This time the story repeated for Electrum wallet. Recently, a user said that hackers could gain access to his wallet and steal his Bitcoins. In this post we are going to talk about a new story of stolen Bitcoins from Electrum wallet.


A New Story Of Stolen Bitcoins; hackers stole 36.5 BTC from a single wallet

In line with Wallebi, Electrum wallet hacked a few days ago and hackers could steal around 1400 BTC. Currently, another user claimed that he had the same situation for 2 months ago.

A Github user, who is active with “Cryptbtcaly” username posted on this social media platform that he had a similar situation 2 months ago. He mentioned that hackers could steal 36.5 BTC from his Electrum wallets.

The user claimed that the stolen Bitcoins went to Binance exchange. Although he contacted Binance in order to return his Bitcoins, the exchange ignored.

It was not the only case for Electrum wallet

On Aug, 30. another Github user reported that around 1400 Bitcoin stolen from his Electrum wallet. Interestingly, the victim mentioned that he did not use that particular Electrum wallet for three years. But, hackers still could gain access to it using unknown method.

The data from N-chain shows that hackers have also utilized a Binance account.

The statistics from Crystal Blockchain show that hackers withdrew 5BTC in January 2018 from their Binance wallet. One of the representatives at Binance revealed that the hackers’ wallet on Binance is connected to 75 addresses, which makes tracing a bit complex.

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