August 9, 2021
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RioDeFi; An Emerging Decentralized Project

RioDeFi along its native token called RFUEL is a DeFi-based blockchain platform, which works on interoperability of platforms, security, speed, scalability, and usability. This platform has been built on Parity Substrate framework called RioChain. However, all existing projects on this platform are fully compatible with Polkadot.

An overview of RioDeFi

DeFi is one of the most important and effective parts of blockchain industry, which has attracted many leaders and businessmen around the world. Although the world of DeFis provide great features for users, there are still challenges, which users are facing with. High transactions fee and also technological barriers to enter this section have made many DeFi applications inaccessible to the public.

Now, RioDeFi has entered as a solution to this section. RioDeFi is a DeFi-based blockchain platform, which is considered a revolutionary project in DeFi industry. This platform focus is on interoperability of centralized and decentralized finance, security, scalability and usability and it could attract many new projects and users. One of the most important advantages of RioChain is providing the opportunity to access cross-chain liquidity and interoperability. This means that user interaction and access will no longer be limited to a single chain.

This advantage has made RioChain a reflection of a whole blockchain that allows everyone to collaborate and interact and providing maximum value to all system users. Although similar projects have already been launched on other platforms, unique features of RioChain have made it a jumping point for all projects that seek to create a user-friendly environment and offer lower fees.

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