June 29, 2021
A thorough look at Dogecoin
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Dogecoin; An Evil Or An Angel

As a new successful crypto, now Dogecoin has many lovers and haters, from retail investors to industry giants. DOGE army led by Elon Mask is persistently gaining popularity and attracts the mass attention to Dogecoin. On the other hand, Cardano CEO, Charles Hoskinson is leading the opposition. He believes that  Dogecoin is dangerous to crypto industry.

Dogecoin In A Short Review

Dogecoin has had one of the best performances so far. This cryptocurrency started the year with around half a cent and recently could grow up to $0.4 and now it is standing at seventh place in market cap ranking.

This growth in price and Market Cap has attracted public attention to DOGE and its fans expect a promising future for it. Of course, this rapid growth itself was somehow strange as far as Charles Hoskinson strongly warned everyone to not to enter Dogecoin market. He also added if anyone already gained profit from trading DOGE, should quickly leave the market and never back again!

Whether you are a fan or a hater, remember that this outstanding price increase by a coin, which was created just for joking and fun contains a positive point, which is attracting the attention of those, who did not have any information about cryptos. This cryptocurrency made them start to learn and expand their knowledge.

Now, you can find lots of stories about people who have entered crypto world by the help of Dogecoin on social media. Although they entered the market first in order to earn huge profits, they gradually gained knowledge about other aspects of the crypto world. In fact, they realized how DeFis can transform financial world and money transfer processes, as well as converting physical assets to digital. The sum of these factors will increase level of trust on the Internet.

What do you think about investing on DOGE?

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