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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether & Many Other ERC-20 Tokens

Secure your digital assets with Wallebi. Wallebi is a fully licensed multicurrency wallet. Wallebi provides you a secure and immune platform to buy, sell and store Bitcon, Ethereum and many other ERC-20 tokens. You can simply transact your digital assets by few clicks on Wallebi wallet and website.


Store & Manage Your Digital Assets

You can store and manage your digital assets with Wallebi on a secure platform. Wallebi provides security among other user-friendly features. Wallebi provides you, personal wallet for your digital assets with high level of security, having access to your private key coming along with separate wallets for your trades. Wallebi revolutionized the user experience in cryptocurrency industry. Enjoy quick transactions from Euro to cryptos, manage your digital assets simply in few clicks, have access to your transactions history with Wallebi.