AlphaBay Moderator Sentenced To 11 Years In Jail
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AlphaBay Moderator Sentenced To 11 Years In Jail

US attorney mentioned that criminal and law breakers cannot hide themselves behind technology in order to break the regulations. It said, after the AlphaBay moderator sentenced to 11 years in jail. AlphaBay was a darknet marketplace, in which people could buy and sell illegal items by using cryptocurrency. The founder of this website, Alexander Cazes, was a Canadian, who arrested several years ago. After a while, his dead body found in his cell in Thailand; suicide is suspected. But, recently the moderator of the website arrested as well and sentenced to 11 years in jail.


AlphaBay Moderator Sentences To 11 Years In Jail; criminals cannot hide behind technology

Bryan Connor Herrell, one of the men, who was responsible for moderating content on the AlphaBay darknet marketplace will spend rest of his life in jail until 2031.

The U.S. Department of Justice stated on Sep.1 that 26-year-old moderator of AlphaBay website sentenced to 11 years in jail. In fact, the moderator sued to engaged in a corrupted organization.

In fact, AlphaBay was one of the biggest online marketplaces to buy and sell illegal items such as weapons, drugs, credit card details, etc. Cryptocurrency accepted as a common payment option on this platform.

McGregor W,Scott, the U.S. Attorney, mentioned that this sentence is a proof and show that criminals cannot hide themselves behind technology. He added that people who involved in such those illegal activities should be aware that one day they will be caught.

Herrel paid in BTC to dispute between vendors and buyers

Herrel was active on the website under the username “Penissmith” and “Botah”. He received Bitcoin in order to handle more than 20000 disputes between buyers and vendors on this website. In addition, he was active as a “scam watcher” in order to monitor the marketplace and defraud users.

In fact, the moderator arrested in 2019 by Eastern District of California. He charged for his role in this illegal website but his penalty delayed until recently. The delay was due to current pandemic.

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