July 11, 2021
An Incredible Investment Opportunity
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An Incredible Investment Opportunity

DeFi is the future of finance

DeFi were one of the most exciting sectors in cryptocurrency world so far. The reason is that not only it has various applications in financial market and is highly profitable, but also its users could make a sustainable income using their cryptos. For instance, cryptos such as UNI or LINK and many other ERC-20 tokens surged significantly in 2020 and 2021. Among all DeFi programs, there is a new-born protocol, which introduced its token since December 7,2020, according to CoinMarketCap. Apparently, this new token has the potential to experience a price explosion. In this this we are going to introduce an incredible investment opportunity.


An Incredible Investment Opportunity; What is Badger Dao?

This DeFi protocol is named Badger Dao. In fact, It aimed to play the role as a bridge from decentralized finance programs to Bitcoin blockchain. The purpose is to make the Bitcoin users to be able to deposit their Bitcoins in DeFi platforms. In simple words, Badger Dao makes Bitcoin users be able to transfer their coins to Ethereum blockchain and store them in this program. In return, they will receive a dividend as well as some amount of reward on condition that they hold their assets for a certain time.

Badger Dao will shine in the future

Although Badger Dao is a new-born program, which has Total Value Locked of $900 million worth of Bitcoin so far. In addition, its token named Badger could surge 13 times since listed in many exchanges.

One of the most reasons that Wallebi experts believe that Badger Dao could shine in DeFi world is that the total amount of capital, which invested in this protocol is less than $900 million. In fact, this amount is far away from its total market cap.

If you are interested to learn more about such these projects follow Wallebi.Group Instagram page. To learn more about Badger Dao visit the original website (www.badger.finance).

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