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An Introduction To EOS Creator New Project

In line with recent announcements about EOS new project, in this article we are going to introduce it as Wallebi received several requests from its audiences.

EOS new project: Clarion

A while ago, EOS creator Dan Larimer announced his fourth blockchain-based project called Clarion. This project aims toward Big Tech field and helps people communicate without the surveillance of any third party.

Previously, in 2013 EOS creator developed BitShares project, which is a platform used to convert fiat currencies into cryptos. Then, in 2016 he introduced Steem as a decentralized content creation network and finally he founded EOS in 2017. EOS could raise more than $5 billion through the biggest ICO in the world.

Clarion project is currently in the early stages of designing, building and assembling the developers team. Thus, Larimer stated that anyone who wants to participate in the recovery of the internet to a level of logical decentralization can join this project. By logical decentralization, he means that Big Tech has locked users into its services and does not allow people to be empowered. As a result, Clarion comes to solve the issue.

Clarion’s idea

Clarion main idea is to enable people communicate in various ways such as email or messages. Like other internet communication tools, it also supports group chats and allows individuals to send messages to numerous users. Rather than transferring value, Clarion’s focus is on transferring information. Therefore, its network is simpler, scalable and less limited than other blockchains. The notable point is that like other blockchains, this project also utilizes cryptography. Everyone has a private key, which contains his identity and its function is like the private keys in other networks. It means that if you lost your private key, there would be the possibility of impersonation and misuse.

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