August 9, 2021
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An Introduction to TradingView

TradingView is an online web-based charting platform which provides users with useful capabilities. Its numerous use cases and effects on traders and investors’ knowledge have made it a very helpful tool in financial issues and investment. Therefore, we have discussed about it thoroughly on Wallebi Asia blog for you in order not to have any problem using TradingView sections.

TradingView Introduction

TradingView is designed in a way that users can check and follow precious assets’ prices and behavior in different markets such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities etc. This website has a specific section allocated to the traders’ points of view.

In this section, users can share their opinions. This way, they can interact with each other and make use of professional traders’ experiences for their financial decisions. This can help them get better results. One of the other option services in TradingView is “watchlist”. It is also editable. Cryptocurrency traders use it frequently.

All the issues mentioned above has been reviewed and explained in details on Wallebi Asia blog. You can check the academic TradingView article on the blog. So as to work with TradingView you need to have an account. Thus, we have also mentioned how to create a user account on TradingView. This section includes all the steps needed to create an account as well as required details and conditions.

Eventually, After account creation, we have instructed how to use toolbars and charts provided. Besides that you will learn to personalize and configure the tools on the platform. There is a part in the article in which you can read about how to find a specific chart, use alerts, save chart space etc. It should be mentioned that this article is a complete guide for beginners and those who are really active in financial markets. In order to get familiar with TradingView and its capabilities, do not waste your time. Check Wallebi blog.

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