Bitcoin Cash Node Has Its Own Supporters

Bitcoin Cash blockchain is going to experience another fork (chain split) this coming November. Bitcoin Cash Node announced that they are ready...

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Bitcoin Cash Node

Bitcoin Cash blockchain is going to experience another fork (chain split) this coming November. Bitcoin Cash Node announced that they are ready to launch the project.

As we mentioned above, Bitcoin Cash community is going to divide for another time. It will be divided to a new fork called “Bitcoin Cash Node”. The Bitcoin Cash Node community believes that majority of miners will support them.

Previously, the Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) supporters rejected Bitcoin ABC’s latest upgrade. The reason was that, Bitcoin ABC required miners to donate 8% of all newly minted coins in order to develop fund.


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Bitcoin Cash node has its own supporters; miners like the new nodes 

Amaury Sechet is Bitcoin ABC developer. He believes that BCHN would not be able to maintain its own chain independent of Bitcoin ABC due to lack of resources.  He predicted that BCHN will fail and leave the market once they attempt a fork in November.

On the other hand, NilacTheGrim, a BCHN supporter has another opinion. Nilac believes that most of The Chinese mining pools are supporting BCHN and it has the support of majority of miners behind itself.

Nilac added; our code is faster. As a result, it gives us a much faster mining API. In addition, a lot of miners already installed the new software and ready for mining. The miners like the new nodes because it requires less computing power.


Bitcoin Cash node has its own supporters; The project is well funded

Nilac mentioned in his interview that the project is already well funded. The ecosystem could fund the project over $700,000 only in 6 months. Even some individuals contributed to the project by funding themselves. Nilac said; we have enough funds to launch the project right now.

The developers claimed that over 60% of miners are behind them and supporting the new fork.


Different points of view

However, Sechet believes that they could fail and doesn’t have the chance to survive independently. He believes that making something from scratch is not as easy as it seems.

On the other hand, Nilac believes that this is the coolest startup, which everybody wants to work for. Furthermore, it could attract the brightest minds in Bitcoin Cash development.

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