Bitcoin Hardware Wallets Need Improvement
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Bitcoin Hardware Wallets Need Improvement

It’s the time for Bitcoin hardware wallets to make a change. Bitcoin hardware wallets need improvement in order to be able to handle complex transactions.

Recently, Co-founder and CTO of Casa, Jamson Lopp, posted on Casa blog and released the result of a test about Bitcoin multi-signature hardware wallets.

The result of the test shows that crypto hardware wallets are able to handle only small and simple transactions. In fact, they have trouble when the transaction becomes complex.

Lopp mentioned that the company doesn’t have control over the hardware devices, but they aimed to support any device at the end of the project. For this reason, he decided to conduct research in order to draw some conclusions. In fact, he wants to help software providers to better understand the limits of hardware wallets. So, they can customize wallet software for better performance.



Bitcoin hardware wallets need improvement; several tests are done on the wallets

Casa is compatible with six different hardware wallets. The wallets consist of Trezor, Ledger, Coinkite and Coldcard. The test applied on all the supported hardware devices as well as BitBox.

Lopp applied a series of tests in order to determine those hardware wallet capabilities. He repeated the test for several times. Finally, he understood that it’s more secure and better if hardware devices can show progress indicators for signing and loading. He mentioned that he highly prefers Trezor and Coldcard wallets. The reason is that they show more progress indicator for signing and loading. On the other hand, he doesn’t like Ledger and BitBox because they don’t show a good performance.

Lopp suggested that hardware wallet should try to break up a send command into multiple smaller transactions, which are below its limits. By using this method, they would be able to overcome the delay of transaction processing time and transaction size limitation problem.

Lopp suggested to the manufacturers to disable the screen lock timeout when the device is still working on a transaction. In fact, it’s the least, which manufacturers can do to avoid such those problems.

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