June 29, 2021
Bitcoin Is Becoming Popular
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Bitcoin Is Becoming Popular With The Smartest Investors

Bitcoin is attracting many investors from traditional markets. Especially institutional investors are joining the crypto market more than before. In fact, they expect a brilliant future for Bitcoin price. Therefore, they moved their assets into this market with the hope to gain mass profit. These institutions consider as smart investors, who are continuing buy Bitcoin. In the latest news, Bitcoin is becoming popular with the smartest investors. The interesting fact is that these investors are buying and accumulating Bitcoins quietly.


Bitcoin Is Becoming Popular; Famous financial investors are buying Bitcoin

The majority of traditional financial institutions started to buy Bitcoin throughout 2020. There are some famous investors on the list such as business intelligence firm MicroStrategy as well as the billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. In fact, Bitcoin Market Cap is rising rapidly and these investments could consider as flow of big money to this market. Recently, the Tyler, co-founder of Gemini crypto exchange, and Cameron winklevoss commented about the recent situation. They had an interview with CNBC on Friday. They said: the new investors, who are considered as most of the traditional financial investors, are the most advanced and smartest investors in the room. Actually, they do not buy Bitcoin as a result of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Cameron and Tyler are not the only people, who think in the same way

Many other famous people besides Tudor Jones and MicroStrategy think in the same way as well. Jack Dorsey’s Square, Stanley Druckenmiller, Guggenheim Partners and MassMutual, they all have positive view about Bitcoin too. In fact, they feel uncertainly about traditional markets due to printing money efforts by governments. They believe that the global economy is unstable.

For instance, Tudor Jones and Druckenmiller mentioned that Bitcoin and gold often compared together. They both use as a store of value to secure the asset, but bitcoin has more ability to be winner in competition with gold. Tyler believes that institutional investors attracted to Bitcoin because they are worried about the inflation, which may happen due to printing money by governments.

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