August 9, 2021
Bitcoin Market Cap Compare To Famous Stocks
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Bitcoin Market Cap Compare To Famous Stocks

Bitcoin had a great Performance for the last decade. For this reason, many experts compare it to gold and call Bitcoin the digital gold. Nowadays, many investors who were active in stock market, Forex or other financial markets attracted to cryptos. Especially, institutional investors. Consequently, the cryptos market cap significantly increased through the last few years. In this article we are going to talk about Bitcoin market cap compare to famous stocks such as Intel or Coca-Cola.



Bitcoin market cap compare to famous stocks; Intel and Coca-Cola

Bitcoin overcomes the Intel and Coca-Cola with the market cap of $208 billion. Cryptocurrency market experienced a major bullish trend. Meanwhile, Bitcoin market capitalization could overtake major publicly traded companies such as Coca-Cola and Intel.

In line with Wallebi, cryptocurrency market experienced a bullish trend in late July 2020. As a result, the market cap of Bitcoin increased significantly to over $200 billion. Now Bitcoin worths more than other famous companies’ stocks in terms of the market capitalization.

The data from Macro Trends shows that Intel and Coca-Cola shares market cap, closed at $203 billion and $202 billion respectively.

Intel market cap decreased dramatically in recent days

Intel is one of the major techs companies. The statistics from Macro Trends show that Intel’s market cap lost as much as $45 billion by July 24. It means, its market cap decreased dramatically below $259 billion.

However, it’s not the first time that suddenly traders start to sell their shares. It was in 2017 that Intel’s market capitalization couldn’t go higher than $220 billion. Meanwhile, Bitcoin market cap could cross $300 billion. At that time Bitcoin was experiencing its all-time high of $20,000.

Coca-Cola’s market cap decreased as well

The giant beverage company Coca-Cola also experienced decrease in its market cap during COVID-19. In fact, it lost over $90 billion in market cap just in one month.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is seeing bullish moves through this year. The market cap grew over $80 billion, which is 40% growth compare to first month of 2020.

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