June 29, 2021
Bitcoin Market Cap is As Big As Bank Of America
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Bitcoin Market Cap Is As Big As Bank Of America

In line with Wallebi, a lot of institutions and companies invested in Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin performance for the last few years attracted a lot of institutional investors to itself. Today, Bitcoin is experiencing different days. A lot of governments and authorities regulated Bitcoin as commodity or security. Some even put one step forward and accepted Bitcoin as the future of money. The new regulations on crypto attracted a lot of big investors to this market, especially for Bitcoin. The latest statistics show that Bitcoin market cap is as big as Bank of America market cap.


Bitcoin market cap is as big as Bank of America; Bitcoin is just a few billion dollars less than Bank of America

Crypto prices are continuing to grow. Most of the cryptos, even some of the tokens showed a good performance in the last few years. As a result, the market cap for cryptos hit the new highs. Especially with Bitcoin, which could almost reach to Bank of America’s market cap.

Recently, an article from the Next Web made a comparison between Bitcoin and Bank of America market cap. The data from Yahoo Finance and Press time show that Bank of America’s market cap is around $226 billion. On the other side, it’s around $217 billion for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s market cap keeps growing

Although Bitcoin price is volatile, it showed a good performance in 2020. In fact, it kept growing from the early 2020.

In the COVID-19 pandemic the United States Central Bank printed around $168 billion in order to save the economy. At the time, Bitcoin market cap was around $145 billion.

In April, Bitcoin market cap was near $130 billion. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, net worth was $140 billion. It means, that Jeff Bezos could buy all Bitcoins in circulation with his wealth. However, it is somehow impossible scenario in the real world.

Since then Bezos’ net worth reached $193 billion and Bitcoin market cap could hit $217 billion.

The above is just a simple comparison of Bitcoin market cap with the Bank of America market cap as well as the richest person in the world net worth. We need keep looking at the market to see what is the next Bitcoin target in market cap.

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