August 10, 2021
Bitcoin Richest Users
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Bitcoin Richest Users

Since Bitcoin creation, the flagship of cryptocurrencies experienced significant growth and could consider as one of the most profitable investments. Now the question is that, how many Bitcoin one should have to consider as 1% club. Here we are going to talk about that who can be considered as Bitcoin richest users.


The two scenarios

There are two scenarios that who own 0.28 or 15 Bitcoins are a member of 1% club. Let’s take a look at these two.

Jake Levison, an analyst in Blockworks, stated in his twitter account that users, who own 0.28 BTC are Bitcoin riches. The reason is that if someone owns 0.28 BTC only 1% of world population can compete with them once all the coins are totally mined.

In fact, he calculated 0.28 BTC by dividing total number of Bitcoins (21 million) to total world population, which will be 0.0028 and to be in 1% club, you have to own at least 100 times more than it. However, in this calculation, the lost coins are not included.

Bitcoin Richest Users; The second theory

There is another theory which claims that one should have 15 BTC in order to be in 1% club. According to the recent price of Bitcoin, it is approximately $619,000. This calculation is derived from this fact that currently 225,000 users have 15 btc which are now the member of 1% club, so for joining them, you need at least 15 btc.


These are just two scenarios, which achieved by simple calculations. It is obvious that total number of Bitcoins are limited and once miners mined all the coins, not all the population in the world can own Bitcoin. As a result, there is a competition between crypto lovers to raise their capital and own as much as Bitcoin as soon as possible before the time runs out. Hope you also be one of those Bitcoin richest users.

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