August 12, 2021
Blockchain As Cyber Security solution In Australia
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Blockchain As Cyber Security Solution In Australia

The experts recommended blockchain as Cyber security solution in Australia. As Wallebi reported previously, the cyber security attacks are increasing significantly these days. Recently, the Australian experts and government officials suggested blockchain technology as solution for cyber-attacks. In fact, most of cyber-attacks target the integrity of systems by manipulating data. As a result, blockchain technology could be a solution to fight directly against those attacks and prevent the future ones.


Blockchain as cyber security solution in Australia; experts discussed blockchain benefits

Recently, Steve Vallas, the CEO of blockchain Australia had a discussion about the role of blockchain technology in cyber security. Over 300 experts in the field of cyber security and blockchain technology attended the discussion panel.

The discussion panel consisted of Andrew Bragg, the Liberal Senator, Chloe White from the National Blockchain Lead, Guy Harison, the founder and CTO of ProvenDB and John Paitaridis, the CEO of cyber security firm CyberCX.

All the participants on the discussion panel are the people with decades of experiences. They all agreed that blockchain technology has the potential in order to protect Australia from future attacks. They mentioned, although blockchain could not be the complete solution, business in Australia have to use this technology in order to fight against attacks.

Blockchain could be the solution

The experts mentioned that cyber-security attacks have increased significantly, which affected the Australian government as well. In fact, the cyber security breaches increased around 80% compare to last year. The majority of attacks focused and targeted the integrity of systems.

Harrison suggested that blockchain technology would be a solution to fight against data manipulation. In fact, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are both essential tools for cyber-security.

Harrison added, although blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are the essential tools, they are not the only options in order to have proper cyber-security.

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