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Blockchain-based Voting System In Japan

LayerX is a Tokyo-based company. Recently, this Japanese firm collaborated with xID, a digital identity application. The aim is to build a...

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Blockchain-based Voting System In Japan

Blockchain technology is getting popular in most industries as well as in governments. Although Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, which popularized blockchain, Ethereum smart contracts plays a significant role here as well. Many industries are going to use blockchain technology. The reason is that blockchain provides a transparent and secure platform for all kinds of transactions and data storage. Recently, Japan is going to join the game and use blockchain technology. In the latest news, the famous Japanese firm is going to use blockchain-based voting system in Japan.

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Layerx will develop blockchain-based voting system

Using Internet technology for voting has its own challenges. In fact, it faces challenges such as technical obstacles to keep the voting secret and prevent double voting. In addition, the voting devices would be costly.

LayerX is a Tokyo-based company. Recently, this Japanese firm collaborated with xID, a digital identity application. The aim is to build a blockchain-based voting system in Kaga.

The firm announced on Thursday that the purpose of the project is to develop a platform, which provides safe and secure elections for 68,000 residents.

The firm added that the new developed system will balance the transparency of the voting process as well as confidentiality of voting records.

A new application developed for Voting

For this purpose, LayerX built an application called xID. This application will strengthen the company’s existing voting system. In fact, it verifies the identity of the voters at the first place in order to make sure that each person could submit only one vote to the system. The developed application allows users to check their own voting results. Additionally, it provides the cryptographic ability to independently verify that the aggregation and recording process for a specific vote implemented correctly on the blockchain network.

Blockchain-based voting system in Japan; Kaga is pioneer in using blockchain technology

Kaga was the first area in japan, which officials introduced a “blockchain city”. In fact, the authorities and officials intended to encourage public and private firms to use modern technologies.

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