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Blockchain Helps COVID-19 Research

As Wallebi reported previously, blockchain technology can be used in various industries for different purposes. Other industries also can benefit from blockchain technology and its features as well as cryptocurrencies. In the latest news, Blockchain helps COVID-19 research in order to find a cure.

Since COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of companies and institutions started doing research in order to find a cure. But, those researchers need high computational power as well as an immune network to share data. In fact, they need to share their results with other researchers and have enough capacity to process the data.

Blockchain helps to find a cure for COVID-19

Brandon Mintz, the CEO of crypto ATM network, says that blockchain technology adoption can play a significant role to find a cure for COVID-19. Blockchain community can help by bringing massive computational power in order to verify and confirm transactions.

In his recent interview with Cointelegraph, Mintz mentioned that blockchain bring “the security of things” to the table. In addition, it would be helpful for online purchases and contactless payments.

Crypto community is able to support COVID-19 research

Mintz talked about the blockchain capabilities in providing computational power for researches related to COVID-19. He commented that the research need to process information online. For this purpose, the blockchain technology could be helpful and beneficial. He believes that COVID-19 pandemic could be a great reason and opportunity to develop blockchain technology. He suggested that more institutions have to look into developing and expanding their own blockchain network.

Furthermore, Mintz believes that the crypto community is not still as integrated as it has to be. In fact, the crypto community can take this opportunity to increase their participation in those kinds of activities such as helping researchers to find cure for diseases. He noted that when the pandemic is over and ends, the blockchain community will realize the other beneficial use cases of this technology.

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