Blockchain Helps Federal Agencies
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Blockchain Helps Federal Agencies

Blockchain technology has numerous benefits in order to use it to store and share data. Even FDA uses blockchain and take advantage of its benefits. In line with Wallebi, blockchain helps federal agencies for its security, transparency, efficiency, and flexibility.


Blockchain helps federal agencies; U.S is the pioneer

Recently, FedTech magazine reported the Department of Treasury and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United State started using blockchain.

Reports show that the H1N1 swine flu virus started to spread again since 2017. As a result, the U.S Food and Drug Administration requires an effective way to help the fighting against the virus. Obviously, when it comes to processing, for storing and sharing data in a secure and transparent environment, the best choice is blockchain technology.

Henry Francis is an associate director for data mining and informatics evaluation and research at FDA. Recently, he mentioned that the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research successfully developed a blockchain-based application. This new application will automatically make them be able to apply encrypted data in real-time using many sources.

Henry Francis explained that the new application is the first attempt of using blockchain in federal government. In fact, it’s the first Real-time Application for Portable Interactive Devices (RAPID). However, the interest in using such those applications and technology is growing.

Using Blockchain technology for management

FDA is not alone in the row. The FIT (the department of Treasury’s Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation) also turned to use blockchain technology. The first developed application was to track mobile devices. The second application was for software license management. Furthermore, the FIT collaborated with National Science Foundation in order to improve grant payment processes.

The FIT project director, Craig Fischer, explained that FIT needs to learn more about this new technology in order to manage it more efficiently and could be able to take the full advantage out of it.

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