Blockchain Helps Germany In Energy Sector
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Blockchain Helps Germany In Energy Sector

Germans are testing a blockchain solution for distributed energy resources. In fact, blockchain helps Germany in energy sector.

Distributed energy resources (DERs) could disrupt the traditional electricity market. As a result, the innovative countries such as Germany are trying to emerge modern technologies. In fact, they are looking to allow DERs to revolutionize entire energy economies.

In detail, Deutsche Energie Angetur (DENA) is the main governmental group, which is responsible for energy innovation in Germany. Recently, they revealed that planned to try a blockchain-based solution to construct a digital registry for DER.

Germany uses blockchain technology

Sara Mamel is the Senior export in digitization at DENA. In her interview with Cointelegraph, she talked about the DENA new project. In detail, she revealed that DENA started this project six weeks ago. The project called “Blockchain Machine Identity Ledger” or BMIL. In fact, the BMIL implemented with over 20 other partners in the energy and blockchain sector. The main partners include a blockchain-focused nonprofit called Energy Web.

She added that the project is highly ambitious. In fact, the aim is to test an infrastructure layer for the German digital energy system of the future. The authorities hope that this project would have a great impact on energy sector in this country.


Blockchain Helps Germany In Energy Sector; Blockchain as a solution

Recently, the chief customer officer for Energy Web, Jesse Morris had an interview with Cointelegraph. Morris talked about the examples of DERs in this project. The examples include battery energy storage, solar photovoltaic power stations, electric car charging stations and smart thermostats.

Jesse explained that blockchain-based digital registry for DERs could leverage decentralized identifiers, which allow assets to self-register in the directory. As a result, it enables third-parties such as DER installers to verify claims easily. Meanwhile, it could help grid operators bring DERs into different market applications in order to provide grid services.

As we know, Germany ranked as the forth-largest economy worldwide. As a result, it would be so important for this country to employ blockchain for such those purposes.

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