August 9, 2021
Blockchain Helps India’s Agriculture Industry
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Blockchain Helps India’s Agriculture Industry

As Wallebi reported previously, many industries employed blockchain technology to their ecosystem. Blockchain can connect different departments and sectors securely. In fact, it provides a secure, transparent and immune platform to store and share data. Many industries such as automotive, gaming, music, etc. benefit from blockchain advantages. Recently, the agriculture industry in India is benefiting from this modern technology. In this post we are going talk about, how blockchain helps India’s agriculture industry.


Blockchain Helps India’s Agriculture Industry; a multi-billion industry

Agriota is an E-Marketplace. They employed blockchain technology in order to connect Indian farmers to UAE’s food industry market. UAE food industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and seems like a good opportunity for Indian farmers.

The United Arab Emirates’ food industry officials may soon employ blockchain technology in their supply chain. The aim is to control the data for the product which are imported from India.

Agriota as a new blockchain based platform

Local news agencies reported on Aug. 31 that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will use Agriota E-Marketplace. In fact, Agriota is a new platform, which uses blockchain technology in order to bridge the gap between nation’s food industry and Indian farmers.

This platform allows farmers in India to directly be connected with UAE’s food industry firms. The farmers use the platform to offer seeds, vegetables, cereal, fruits, condiments, and spices. In just 2019, India exported over $1 billion of food products to the UAE.

The Indian Ambassador to the UAE, Pavan Kapoor, commented; our aim is to position our nation as a pioneer in using modern technology and innovation-driven food security.

India was successful in employing blockchain technology so far

There are a lot of blockchain firms, which are working with the agriculture industry in order to increase efficiency as well as farmers’ revenue. Previously also one of India’s largest farm producer organizations employed blockchain in order to help rural farmers to receive higher revenue.

In addition, another blockchain-based startup made an agreement with Indian government to develop a p2p market place for farmers and food industry traders.

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