June 29, 2021
Blockchain Helps New York Airport
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Blockchain Helps New York Airport For COVID-19

Since COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of governments or airports employed blockchain technology in order to overcome the challenge. Many of them developed specific applications for this purpose. This time an airport in New York is trying to have a blockchain-based application to provide information about the cleanliness of the surfaces in the airport. In the latest news, blockchain helps New York airport to fight against COVID-19.


Blockchain Helps New York Airport; A new app for travelers in New York airport

The New York airport developed a new blockchain-based application. This application provides the data about cleanliness of the objects and surfaces at the airport in real time.

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. As a result, it’s necessary for authorities to take action in order to fight against spreading the virus. So, the Albany Airport is experimenting with the “Wellness Trace App” in order to track of objects and surfaces inside the airport.

In this project, TE-FOOD collaborated with General Electric Co. (GE) and Eurofins. The aim of the project is to provide travelers a safe experience during and after coronavirus pandemic. The app is build using the Microsoft Azure enterprise blockchain.

In fact, this app provides the real-time data if anyone touch any surface in the airport as well as the cleanliness of the surfaces. In order to use the app, users need to scan the QR code stickers attached to the surfaces around the airport using their smartphones.

The Albany Airport announced that the experiment will last for three months. In this period, all the airport staffs will use the app in order to track cleaning protocols in the airport. Over 45 QR barcode stickers attached to major areas and objects around the airport.

Philip Calderone is the CEO of the Albany County Airport. Recently, he stated that using the new developed app is one the first steps, which this airport applied in order to provide a safe trip for travelers during the pandemic.

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