June 28, 2021
Blockchain in organic food supply chain
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Blockchain In Organic Food Supply Chain

Blockchain technology introduced to the world with cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. But the fact is that blockchain is not just useful for financial purposes. It has numerous potentials to use in other industries as well. As Wallebi reported previously, blockchain industry is useful in food industry in order to trace the products. All the data stored on the blockchain are immune to manipulation. It means that nobody can make any changes to the data stored on the public ledger. So far, a lot of industries started to use blockchain technology to insure the quality of their products and services. Recently, the blockchain in organic food supply is under discussion by USDA.



Blockchain in organic food supply chain; USDA proposed

Recently, the US Department of Agricultural (USDA) proposed to implement blockchain technology in order to use it in organic foods’ supply chain.

The USDA and Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) reported that they are working on development an electronic tracking system based on blockchain. The aim is to trace the organic foods’ supply chain. The developers said, blockchain can play a significant role in this project.

The supply chain of foods is a complex procedure. In this case blockchain can bring the transparency and also security to the network. In addition, every stage of procedure is traceable instantaneously.

The agency believes that development of blockchain technology in order to use for this purpose requires additional time. In fact, it requires to be developed in all aspects and then implemented in the organic food industry.

They mentioned that one of the obstacles, which they are facing with is that lack of access to technology in rural areas. In fact, it makes the process to take longer until the project comes to the real world.

Previous use cases

It’s not the first time that blockchain is getting use in food industry. Previously nestle tested a public blockchain for its milk supply. As another example, Walmart using blockchain in order to trace products such as mangos and pork.

Bumble Bee Foods, the U.S.-based seafood firm, also joined the game and is monitoring the supply of yellowfin tuna from Indonesia.

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