Blockchain Technology Related Jobs Demand In China
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Blockchain Technology Related Jobs Demand In China

Since Blockchain technology introduced to the world, a lot of new jobs created in this field. The blockchain industry is huge these days. As a result, it requires experts who are educated specifically in blockchain. There are many universities, which provide fin-tech programs for new students. Statistics show that blockchain technology related jobs demand in China is growing rapidly. But, the schools cannot respond to the high demand.



As Wallebi reported previously, China is the pioneer country in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. China Central Bank is seriously working on its own CBDC. Most of the mining farms located in China. Many famous exchanges are based in China. They all show that China is a crypto-friendly country in the world. Although many scientists and specialists are currently working in fin-tech and blockchain companies, the industry needs more experts.

Blockchain Technology Related Jobs Demand In China; Chinese schools cannot respond to the demand for industry

Recently, Chinese academic sector announced that they are not able to keep up with demand for blockchain experts. As we mentioned above, the demand for blockchain experts is growing in China. The industry authorities believe that China academic sector is failing in order to keep up with demand. They believe that there is lack of suitable blockchain-related educational programs.

Sun Daojun is the head of Digital Economy Development Research at Beijing Communication University of China. He announced that the first group of “Blockchain graduates” will start their program later this year. This group will complete their study until 2024 and are ready for employment in the market.

Sun Daojun added that we understand the current situation. The blockchain industry is growing faster than expected. As a result, there is a lack of enough professionals in the industry.

Recently, the Chengdu University of Information Technology officially announced its “Blockchain Engineering” course. The students already enrolled and the program will start in September.

As we can see the academic sector in China is trying the best to graduate more students for blockchain industry. The companies hope that more universities will get involve in this field in order to make the process faster.

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