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Blue Chip Tokens; Aave

In traditional financial market, Blue Chip stocks are the ones have high financial credit and could create a steady return on investments. That is, valuable stocks that could gain noticeable credits after several years and can generate great returns for investments. Google and Apple are best examples of Blue Chip stocks. Here, we want to introduce one if the best Blue Chip tokens.

Successful Blue Chip tokens; Aave

There are also tokens like Blue Chip stocks in cryptocurrency world. In this article we are going to introduce one of the most important Blue Chip cryptos. The criteria used to select these tokens include credit, fraud, price performance, continuous updates and new capabilities. Although none of these tokens are as reputable as Microsoft and Apple, in contrast to other projects, they are considered to be “digital gold”.

Aave is the first Blue Chip token we want to introduce. Aave price performance has been more than % 104.78 this year. Using Aave platform, users can lend their favorable tokens and make a profit. Unlike traditional systems, it is transparently done in Ethereum blockchain.

Currently there are more than 20 types of assets to lend and make a profit. The interest rates are different and depended on market demand. Using this method, users can take the advantages of a bullish trend, while investing in another project or paying off previous debts. This has made Aave protocol to be profitable and has attracted many users. Aave also plans to add new features in the future and even receive a “Payment Certificate” in England.

As it is a potent protocol, we can be sure that Aave has come to stay. Therefore, by following true investment rules, having Aave token in a financial portfolio can improve investment strategy. Specifically, now that the market has crashed. If you are eager to know more Blue Chip tokens, let us know in comment section.

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