August 9, 2021
Brave Browser Adds Anti-Phishing Solution
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Brave Browser Adds Anti-Phishing Solution

If you are a fan of Basic-Attention token, definitely you are familiar with Brave browser. Brave is a standard browser same as other browsers, which let users to navigate to websites, run web apps and play online contents. The same as other browsers, Brave is free to download and use. It remembers authentication information of websites and is able to block online ads from appearing. This browser launched as a preview in January 2016. It is created by its co-founder Brendan Eich, who is the co-founder of Mozilla as well. In the latest news from cryptocurrency world, Brave browser adds anti-phishing solution for its users globally.


Brave browser adds anti-phishing solution from PhishFort

Brave announced on its twitter account on Sept. 8 that has collaboration with PhishFort. In fact, they are combining an open source solution from cybersecurity firm, PhishFort, to their browser. The aim of this project is to prevent phishing-attacks.

Phishing attacks are kind of scam, which targets victims to reveal their personal information with a fake email that directs to a fake website. Brave announced that the new combined software is able to detect crypto scams and warn users about suspicious domains.

The both named companies still didn’t release any details

Both companies still didn’t release any details about this collaboration. PhishFort stated that when it comes to something as valuable as cryptocurrency assets, attackers will target the most famous apps. In Addition, the anonymity feature of cryptocurrency transactions consider as an attractive choice for attackers.

They added that the username and password of the crypto users are only the start of the problems. The phishers understand this and try to use the specific tools that we use to interface with crypto.

The PhishFort helps companies used by crypto holders in order to defend themselves from such those attacks. The company stated in April that they are assisting to remove 49 Google Chrome extensions. They were the extensions, which usually targeted software and hardware wallet holders. The attackers use the method for phishing scams, which specifically designed to steal the users’ crypto assets.

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