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Will Cardano Overcome Ethereum?

In line with Wallebi, Cardano and its community are experiencing exciting days. Cardano’s network is ranked as the top blockchain with the highest average daily activity to develop itself by Github. Respectively, Polkadot, Kusama and Ethereum are on the next places.  Cardano’s team is still chasing the interests of its fans. Therefore, it is constantly expanding its development team. Tim Harrison, IOHK Marketing and Communications Director stated that they are hiring new staffs for vacant job positions such as strategy consultant, Java consultant, strategic pricer and consulting lead in order to achieve their goals faster.


Cardano as Ethereum killer

In parallel with these developments, the term “Ethereum killer” is backed to the crypto world by Cardano fans. The reason is that Cardano’s last upgrade known as “the Mary hard fork” allowed native tokens to be utilized on the Cardano network. Thus, Cardano could set up its platform in a way which NFT (non-fungible tokens) developers can create and sell their tokens on Cardano network without implementing smart contracts. Interestingly, these tokens fees on Cardano blockchain is now only $1, which is $7 for Ethereum. In addition, Cardano will introduce Alonzo as the infrastructure and other tools to develop smart contracts in the next upgrade.

In fact, Cardano is learning from Ethereum mistakes and challenges. So, it tried to develop a scalable network with low transaction fee. Ethereum also has not neglected its challenges. Ethereum has recently completed Berlin upgrade and also planned to finish London upgrade by approaching the implementation of ETH 2.0. ETH 2.0 will help the network to improve its scalability and lower transaction fee.

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