August 9, 2021
Cardano is A Ghost
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Cardano Is The Ghost Of Blockchains

The same time, but last year, in a tweet, Hoskinson talked about Cardano developments and improvements in the future. According to his tweet, he had promised to add hundreds of assets, thousands of dApps and numerous projects besides great capabilities to Cardano during the year ahead. He had stated that Cardano platform will change noticeably. But many experts believe that Cardano is the ghost of blockchains.

Cardano is the Ghost of blockchains

Despite these promises, some critics have focused on Cardano’s weakness to achieve these goals. They have named Cardano as “Ghost of Blockchains”. Chris Burniske (one of the Placeholder co-founders) is a Cardano critic, who has severely criticized Hoskinson’s promises. In response to that tweet, he has stated that “Have any of these promises really been fulfilled? According to Cardano critics, no asset or dApp has been executed on Cardano so far. There are only two projects working in this network.

Hoskinson has also responded to these criticisms. In order to defend Cardano, he stated that “It seems you are unaware that thousands of assets have been placed on Cardano and numerous applications have been launched. Additionally, many developers are also busy by studying, testing, and programming.

Despite Hoskinson statements, among 6859 tokens existing on Cardano’s list, only two of them were capable of implementing more than 10,000 transactions per second.

These cryptocurrency tokens are Spacecoins and ADAX. Respectively, they can implement 12649 and 10686 transactions per second,

However, it is still not possible to judge Cardano’s performance. The reason for this matter is that the steps in developing of this platform has not taken yet. This phase includes the implementation of capabilities for smart contracts (beside extensive dApp support). It is predicted that Hoskinson promises will become true after this phase in September. Thus, we should wait to see whether Cardano is the ghost of blockchains or not.

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