August 10, 2021
Cardano Liquidity Bridge
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Ethereum As Launch Pad For Cardano

In line with Wallebi, since Cardano Blockchain is preparing to host dApps and DeFi programs, not only liquidity bridges would be necessary for transferring existing DeFis from Ethereum to Cardano, but also should get ready for those applications, which are intended to be initially built on this platform. Since Cardano is not still capable of creating ICOs and IDOs, a solution in the form of Cardano liquidity bridge has been provided to run ICO on Ethereum blockchain instead. This solution will be implemented through a big project called OccamRazer.

Cardano Liquidity Bridge

In fact, OccamRazer allows projects built on Cardano to raise capital through initial offerings of decentralized exchanges designed by liquidity pools. The existence of OccamRazer is vital in order to provide sufficient liquidity for these pools. In fact, it makes Ethereum users to invest in projects, which have been built on Cardano blockchain and in the future, seamlessly transfer liquidity from Ethereum ecosystem to Cardano.

Projects launched through OccamRazer have the option of using the cross-chain bridge. This bridge is actually for those projects, which are planned to be on Cardano network and also want to have access to the Ethereum user base and liquidity. Actually, cross-chain bridges are parts of smart contract logic, which works toward gathering cross-chain assets. It means that they link an asset on a blockchain to an another while maintaining the value.

After activating the capabilities of its native multiple assets and token throughout the Mary Hard Fork, Cardano is now ready to accept the massive flow of capital to its ecosystem. However, there is no liquidity bridge for Cardano. Thus, OccamRazer came to solve this problem.

To support the OccamRazer ecosystem, OCC token has been also launched, which provides access to special liquidity pools while helping to create continuous diversity in the ecosystem.

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