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Cardano Roadmap To 2025

Recently, Hoskinson has revealed some parts of Cardano’s roadmap to 2025 in which the Mithral protocol alongside with sidechains, proof of merit algorithm and finally new wallets play the key roles. Thus, we are going to discuss it in this article.


Cardano roadmap ; major steps

After development of Voltaire phase implementation – the fourth phase of Cardano development – the focus will be on 2025 roadmap. Meanwhile, Ouroboros’ Omega is at the center of the projects, which is an evolved example of all the models built since 2016. Ouroboros’ Omega is expected to provide fast certainty, sidechains support, a 51% attack solution, and the capability to process more than 1,000 transactions per second. Additionally, this method is also anticipated to experience continuous development and Hoskinson called that “Ouroboros Omega++”. As well as primitive prototype, research papers of this mechanism will be made public by the end of this year.

Light wallets

The other subject will be light wallets such as Yoroi. In general, wallets must be accessible through a central server. This requires complex cryptographic processes and will be prepared through the Mina protocol. In fact, Cardano developers’ team wants each of wallets including Daedalus, Yoroi, and others to become a light wallet and no longer need to be compatible with the entire blockchain. In relation with sidechains as well, IOG is pursuing to have a countless of these chains called CCLs which are used to improve the computational process.

Eventually Cardano will take a significant step. This phase will integrate the Catalyst Project with Voltaire ending in 2022. Some parts of this step are devoted to building of the independent DAO to perform various activities such as funding an upgrade without the need for a decision-making authority. This service will make future Cardano-based programs not to need to establish this protocol independently.

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