August 10, 2021
Cardano turns over its winning cards
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Cardano Is Blooming Everyday

The number of projects and teams developing DApps on Cardano network is increasing since the launch of Cardano. In addition, Cardano is getting closer to enter Goguen era. The most recent project which published yesterday (30, March) was Occam Finance. This project aims to help Cardano in order to increase its liquidity on large scales by fundraising in a decentralized manner.

Cardano turns over its winning cards

Project Catalyst is not efficient enough to meet the financial needs of companies, institutions, and professional startup developing their projects on Cardano, according to Occam team. Therefore, the team aimed to create and provide a decentralized capital raising process. This process will cover significant funds and bring some useful aspects of DeFi to Cardano platform and as a key element it can help to solve the liquidity problem of Cardano’s ecosystem.

Now OccumRazor is ready to operate. It is designed to start its first fundraising project on April 10th. Unlike many DeFi projects on Ethereum which have not been under supervision of security organizations, Occam’s team has prioritized security issues. For this reason, total Occam ecosystem and its data code will be independently controlled by security companies.

Occam Finance also will issue OCC token. OCC token will give its owners access to dominant liquidity pools and staking, according to the developer team . OCC token will start activity on Ethereum blockchain. The developer team states that:

Due to lack of sufficient trading infrastructure on Cardano, the OCC is initially offered and traded in the form of an ERC-20 token. Since the focus is on Cardano platform, OCC token will be launched as the native token of Cardano in the future.

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