August 11, 2021
Chainlink Creates A New Lottery Game
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Chainlink Creates A New Lottery Game

Gaming is one of the industries, which could benefit the most from blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As Wallebi reported previously, many giant companies such E-sports are working on their native token. In fact, they leverage the blockchain technology for their own purposes. E-sports is creating its native token in order to let gamers to purchase new gaming items on its platform. In the latest news, Chainlink creates a new lottery game.

Lottery games are popular these days. There are many websites out there that provide services for online gambling or lottery. In fact, people are attracted to take risks and participate in gambling and lottery platform more than before. As a result, every day a new gambling or lottery based games pop up. Although most of the people understand that they will lose most of their money by playing such these games, they have some kind of addiction to play. In fact, they enjoy taking risks and have adrenaline for a while.



Chainlink creates a new lottery game; collaboration with state of Colorado

Chainlink (LINK) is collaborating with Colorado State Lottery in order to create a new game. They aimed to generate $1 billion from developing a lottery game.

The prize for playing this game is $17,500, which is available for three winners. In addition, Chainlink sponsored $8,500 in web3 bonus prize.

Chainlink is excited to be working with the Lottery

Recently, Sergey Nazarov, the Chainlink co-founder had an interview with Cointelegraph. He mentioned in his interview that Chainlink team is excited to work with the lottery games. Meanwhile, this could be an opportunity to show others that we can use blockchain technology beyond traditional sphere.

He believes by using blockchain technology in lottery games, they can show another side of blockchain which is not limited just to financial products. He mentioned that these kind of projects show that smart contracts, oracles and blockchains can be  used in many other markets that need highly reliable agreements. It would be fascinating to see that gaming industry, especially lottery games are using blockcahin technology.

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