August 12, 2021
China Uses Blockchain-Powered Smart Brain
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China Uses Blockchain-Powered Smart Brain 

China is the one of the countries, which is going to create an aerospace city. In fact, they are going to employ blockchain technology in the aerospace city for the first time. An Aerospace is the human effort in engineering, science and business to fly in the atmosphere of earth. The aerospace organizations operate, research, manufacture, design and maintain aircraft or spacecraft. In the latest news, China uses blockchain-powered smart brain in order to govern its new aerospace city.


China uses blockchain-powered smart brain; 12 different firms are collaborating together

CyberVein is the blockchain firm in Singapore. Recently, they are collaborating with the Chinese government in order to build a blockchain-powered governance system. This system will be used in China’s aerospace ‘smart city’.

There are 12 different firms, which are all partnering with China’s government in this project. CyberVein is just one of the countries that is helping China to build Hainan Wenchang International Aerospace City.

The construction of the city started last month. The new project described as China’s first aerospace cultural and tourism city. The new city will be a hub for the development and design of aerospace products. In addition, it’s support services, which are predesigned for using in Chinese satellite and spacecraft launch missions.


This project is the first China’s aerospace city

China’s first aerospace super-computing center includes 12 million square-meter. The aim of the project is to develop 40 technological areas consist of satellite remote sensing, big data, and high precision positioning technology.

The major Chinese firms work alongside with CyberVein. The other companies and firms consist of 500 companies such as Kingsoft Cloud and Huawei. This collaboration aimed to leverage blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technologies in order to support the development of the city’s smart Brain.

This project is located in part of Hainan’s ‘Free Trade Port’. In fact, the developer planned to transform the island into a modern and technological free-trade port by 2050.

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