August 11, 2021
China’s First Blockchain Course
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China’s First Blockchain Course

In line with Wallebi, China is the pioneer in implementing blockchain technology to real world. Many companies and firms in China are active in the field of blockchain. In fact, they are trying to apply blockchain technology in various industries. Already, many industries benefit from blockchain technology. From supply chains to automotive industry, they are all trying to bring blockchain to the real world. As a result, the demand for blockchain experts is rising around the world, especially in China. For this purpose, Chinese colleges and universities are providing blockchain courses in order to deliver blockchain experts to the job market. In this article we are going to talk about, what students learn in China’s first blockchain course.


China’s first blockchain course; what do students learn?

There are many universities, colleges and private courses about Blockchain around the world. But, China is taking it more serious than other countries. In fact, the demand for blockchain experts in China’s job market is higher. Let’s see what students learn in those programs.

Chengdu University of information Technology already enrolled its students. The course organizers mentioned that the courses will cover the same basics as traditional computer science and technology courses. Additionally, the students will also educate about blockchain technology theory and project development methods.

The students will also receive instructions about the complexity of system design and adoption. They also educate about blockchain project management. Furthermore, the students learn how to design, visualize, operate and implement blockchain-powered systems. All the mentioned subjects and syllabuses make the students ready to apply blockchain technology in real-life environments.

In additions, the courses consist of syllabuses such as P2P networks, cryptography, encryption algorithms and smart contracts.

Students will be ready in 2024

The first batch of students will graduate in 2024. By passing the program, students are ready to develop and design blockchain networks for practical uses as well as managing blockchain-based projects.

Students are able to choose blockchain specialization modules, if there are interested in. The modules include; cybersecurity, software engineering, AI, Big data and communication engineering.

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