August 12, 2021
Coincheck Collaborates With Hashpallette For IEO
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Coincheck Collaborates With Hashpallette For IEO

These days a lot of exchanges are active in the field of cryptocurrency. Each exchange offers its own features and options to attract more users. In fact, they collaborate with firms and cryptocurrency platforms to expand their business to a larger scale. Collaboration is one of the perfect choices, which companies and firms can choose. In the collaboration, both exchanges and customers can benefit and take the advantages. In the latest news, Coincheck collaborates with Hashpallette for IEO in Japan.

Coincheck collaborates with Hashpallette for IEO in Japan

Coincheck is a crypto exchange based in Japan. Recently, they collaborated with Hashpallette for initial exchange offering in order to sell palette tokens. These two major companies are active in cryptosphere in Japan. By offering an IEO, they aimed to raise funds through using utility tokens.

Coincheck announced on Aug. 25 that the company is collaborating with Hashpallette in Japan to implement an initial coin offering (IEO). In fact, they planned to sell palette Tokens (PLT) on the Ethereum blockchain platform palette. In addition, Coincheck is going to cooperate with Japan Virtual and Crypto asset Exchange Association (JVCEA) to launch an IEO by the end of this year.

Hashpallette discussed with multiple firms

The two Japanese company called Link-U and Hashport established Hashpallette in March 2020. In fact, they both invested in a mutual project to expand their business. Users can use non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Pallette blockchain platform for various purposes. Meanwhile, they can use the tokens and platform to buy Japanese manga comics, music, and sports.

The company announced that they discussed with multiple firms in regard to the IEO. Finally, Coincheck agreed on collaboration.

The Coincheck representative commented that we are creating an ecosystem, which allows artists and producers to provide customers with convenient and unique experience in digital content. In addition, we can make the expansion and the growth of the ecosystem faster. We can add more crypto assets for payments and voting system.

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