Crypto ATMs Grew 80% in 2020
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Crypto ATMs Grew 80% in 2020

Today, cryptocurrency market is experiencing different days compare to early days. Many businesses and startups are showing interest in cryptocurrencies. In addition, Crypto ATM manufacturers are expanding their business. In the latest news, Crypto ATMs grew 80% in 2020.


Crypto ATMs are expanding globally

The data from Coin ATM Radar shows, Crypto ATMs experienced 80% growth in 2020. This is 3 times more than the amount reported at the beginning of 2019.

At the time of writing, there are around 11665 ATMs installed around the world. Around 6372 of them installed only in 2020. However, the number of ATMs are increasing. Almost every hour there is a new machine installed, which is 23 new machines per day.

The United States is on the top of the list. The crypto industry is growing faster in U.S compared to Europe. The number of ATMs in U.S increased from 4213 to 9242 in different locations.

 In fact, around 79.2% of all Bitcoin ATMs located in United States. The next country, which has the most crypto ATMs is Canada with 880. This number is about 7.5% of the total ATMs in the world. Among European countries, the United Kingdom stands at top with 268 ATMs. Hong Kong is in top for the Asian countries with 62 Bitcoin ATMs. In Latin America Colombia has 40 ATMs and in Africa continent South Africa has 6 Crypto ATMs. These are the data, which is available from Crypto ATMs around the world.

Genesis block is a San Francisco based firm, which is at the top among others in this industry. This firm could install 4189 ATMs around the world so far, which consider as the fastest growth. Following by General Bytes and BitAccess, which has 3442 and 1136 ATMs respectively.

Crypto ATMs Grew 80% in 2020; It’s not only the number of ATMs that expanding

Cryptocurrency trading also is showing growth. Useful Tulips is a metric site, which focused on tracking p2p markets. The data from this website shows that trading activities are growing one more time after March’s crash. In addition, Latin America, North America and Africa also show significant growth in trading activities and breaking the records.

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