August 10, 2021
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Crypto Launchpads; great investment opportunities

In crypto world, new investment opportunities are being introduced every day which can bring huge profits to its users and participants. We all know that these opportunities are sometime available to the public through ICOs, but due to their deficiencies, these ICOs cannot provide high security for investors and even projects. For this reason, some platforms have been created to run ICOs or rather to say IDOs, which make this space more secure. In this article, we are going to introduce Crypto Launchpads as great investment opportunities.

Crypto Launchpads

As we mentioned before, fundraising methods for crypto projects are changing continuously. Therefore, in contrast to ICOs, launchpads are made to be more secure for amateur investors. Launchpad-based projects help to create a community around the project that these communities are interwined and can generate a network effect. Crypto Launchpad offers a new way to raise prime capital so that investors can access project tokens first.

Binance Launchpad is one of the most famous ones which was the first successful Crypto Launchpad to introduce new projects to the eyes of Crypto market. Binance Launchpad is part of the ecosystem services for crypto projects provided by Binance Centralized Exchange (CEX). These services include everything from the early stages consulting and fundraising to marketing, development and issuance of tokens.

Additionally, there are also other successful Crypto Launchpads which have their native tokens. Interestingly, these tokens are great investment opportunities. These launchpads can also help us identify new projects for investment with greater security and trust. The full list of Crypto Launchpad projects in 2021 along with their full descriptions is available on the Wallebi Asia blog. The link to access the main article is on Instagram story.

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