August 11, 2021
Cryptocurrency And Personal Data Leak
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Cryptocurrency And Personal Data Leak

It seems that personal data leak is inevitable in cryptosphere. Although cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are immune against malicious attacks, the privacy of users is still under question. In this article, we are going to talk about cryptocurrency and personal data leak.

The issue came to fore, when the wallet manufacturer’s ecommerce data base hacked in July. In this attack, hackers could gain access to one million emails and some more other personal details.



Cryptocurrency and personal data leak; private keys Vs. personal data

Dave Bitcoin is a wallet recovery expert. He talks about the method, which used to gain access to private keys and personal data of users. Dave explains that there is a huge difference between the private key and personal data leak. He believes that personal data leak in crypto space would not be harmful as much as people think. In fact, hackers could gain access to personal data from other sources too. So, in these such cases, people won’t lose their assets.

On other hand, if the company leaks the information such as private keys or recovery phrases, then the users’ assets could be in danger. Because, hackers could steal the assets by just a little effort.

How to avoid it and what is the solution

Daniel Ternyak explains that there are different ways, which people can use to avoid data leaks. He thinks that although it’s difficult to remain cautious all the time, people should be careful when they want to give access to other authorities, which asking for their personal details, etc.

He recommends to individuals to consider their own security. They have to avoid any activities, which gives a chance to hackers. In this case, choosing the right crypto wallet plays a significant role. Individuals should be careful that what kind of and type of wallets they are using to store their crypto. In addition, he mentioned that even hardware wallets are not as safe as users think, so even the hardware wallet users should be careful.

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