Cryptojacking Attacks Underestimated So Far
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Cryptojacking Attacks Underestimated So Far

Hacking and scamming attacks has a long history. Even before cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin appear, hackers and scammers were using their own tricks to steal people’s assets. But, cryptocurrency made a new opportunity for them. These days, hackers show more attraction to cryptojacking attacks. The reason could be that cryptocurrencies are getting popular fast these days. A lot of people are investing in cryptocurrencies. Some others are also active in other activities related to cryptos. The latest statistics show that cryptojacking attacks underestimated so far.



Cryptojacking attacks underestimated so far; the BlackBerry executive says

The BlackBerry executive says that most of the businesses don’t have enough visibility in order to recognize the combination of malware with crypto mining apps.

These days hackers are more organized than before. They are attempting to utilize vulnerabilities in the networks. As a result, the attacks consider as both internal and external threat.

Josh Lemos, the VP of research and intelligence at BlackBerry, explains that some admins also use valid permission to make money from illegally mining crypto. In fact, they use firm’s network resources for this purpose. But, the fact is that many organizations are unaware of it. They usually don’t have enough visibility to understand it.

Lemos added that crypto mining software is not essentially malicious. In fact, you can find it usually paired with malicious software. This is the reason that most of the organizations do not get aware of it.

Hackers use simple tricks

Lemos added, hackers use simple tricks. They are not using any sophisticated methods. The attacks could be spear-phishing email, a JavaScript, which is running on a website or using a watering hole attacks or even a malicious browser extension.

Lemons revealed that Monero (XMR) is the most common cryptocurrency that hackers use. He explains that the Monero algorithms make it a suitable choice for hackers.

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