August 10, 2021
Aurix project
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Cryptos Messiah; Aurix project

Although cryptos has been introduced for more than 10 years, still people do not use it as a medium of exchange. As a result, crypto world has a significant challenge ahead. This challenge is to gain public adoption and use in daily transactions. In fact, this industry needs to encourage people to use cryptocurrencies for their daily merchants purchases. Although decentralized finance architecture ensures the security of users ‘assets, speed and safety of all operations and the protection of users’ privacy, it has not been accepted as it should be. These are the basic problems, which Aurix project aimed to solve and accordingly has become crypto savior.

Aurix project ; AUR token

Aurix is a solution, which helps cryptocurrencies become globally adopted and can accelerate the replacement of DeFi with traditional banking system. Meanwhile, Aurix Chain is considered as the next generation of blockchains, which is the infrastructure of all operations in Aurix platform.

AUR is the native token of Aurix platform, which has lots of advantages. For example, when users use this token in their purchases, they can take the advantages of discounts on transaction fees or cashback. Imagine you want to buy a commodity. If you use AUR token, you will receive a %9 cashback no matter you transact using DeFi platforms, Master or Visa cards.

It should be mentioned that the amount of tokens you stake determines your level in the network. The more tokens you stake, the higher your level on the platform would be. It means that the higher your level is, the higher reward you would receive.

Simply put, AUR is a multipurpose token with extraordinary features compared to general payment systems. AUR total supply is limited to 20 million tokens. This token currently works based on ERC-20 standard and can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies.

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