Dash Is Becoming A Decentralized Cloud Cryptocurrency
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Dash Is Becoming A Decentralized Cloud Cryptocurrency

Dash is becoming a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency by releasing a platform, which supports blockchain-verified user data storage as well as decentralized API.



Dash is a payment focused cryptocurrency. Recently, it started to release a new version for itself. The new version is to release a new platform, which enables data storage within the network in the form of decentralized cloud service.

The first announcement of the new changes released in 2015 under the name “Dash Evolution”. In fact, it’s the forthcoming Dash platform, which is developed in order to evolve the cryptocurrency’s functionalities.

The Dash platform will combine four different features. The features consist of, a decentralized API, or DAPI, a Dash Drive, a username layer or DPNS and the Dash platform protocol or DPP.

Dash is becoming a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency; Mark Mason explained

Mark Mason explained; Dash platform is basically an application development platform, which enable users to leverage the Dash masternode network and blockchain by converting the p2p network into a decentralized cloud.

DAPI is a decentralized application programming interface. So, the clients can combine their applications to the Dash Platform by using DAPI. In addition, Dash Drive makes the clients to be able to send, store and retrieve application data as well as query the blockchain through untangle interface.

Mason added that DAPI key advantage is that, it enables developers have the same access and security of a full node, without the cost and maintenance expenses.

Summarization of the new changes

The CEO of dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor, summarized the driving idea behind the platform. In fact, the new platform will integrate the user experience of a centralized platform. In addition it has the benefits of a decentralized and permissionless network such as Dash.

The Dash Platform Name service (DPNS), supports human-readable usernames. It means, the platform users would be able to create usernames on the layer. In addition, they would be able to send friend request to the other platform users or accept other users requests. Furthermore, they would be able to send and receive Dash by using their username.

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