DeFi And Healthcare; A Great Opportunity

DeFi could have a great impact and fundamental disruption if applies to the healthcare system. In fact, DeFi and healthcare is a...

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DeFi And Healthcare

DeFi could have a great impact and fundamental disruption if applies to the healthcare system. In fact, DeFi and healthcare is a trillion-dollar opportunity to take. In other words, it can be a game changer in healthcare ecosystem. These days DeFi is on the top news of cryptocurrency world.


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Having access to high quality and affordable health care is a basic human right in this era. Every single person should have access to quality healthcare services, no matter their geographic location or even socioeconomic level.

The health care market worths around $8.45 trillion dollars in 2018 and is constantly growing. The COVID-19 pandemic showed that medicine and health care system need some kind of improvement. It needs to move the medicine online and change the healthcare system to more digitized form. But how decentralized finance can help this industry?

How does it help to provide quality services

Analysis show that DeFi have a huge market potential if it applied to healthcare system properly. In fact, DeFi has numerous advantages. For example, the features such as community funded, community-governed, transparency and intermediaries eliminated, made it a suitable choice for healthcare system.

The healthcare system financing and leasing market is over $450 billion per year. But, the problem is that there is no centralized finance solution or DeFi solution, which be accessible, easy and global. In fact, no government, no banks or even no insurers offering a global solution for this.

Since COVID-9 pandemic, the healthcare system founded that there is a real need and massive growth potential, which DeFi could play the role as a solution for it.

DeFi could be the solution to make healthcare system more efficient

DeFi should apply and govern to healthcare. It makes the system scalable, sustainable, community-funded and community governed. In order to achieve this goal, a framework will be needed for constitution, governance, pools, tokens and the financing of healthcare products and clients. After that, it could be turned over to the community in order to grow, expand scale and benefit from.

The object is to make DeFi as a standard in healthcare, which is available globally and serves the immediate opportunity.

It will definitely help deliver better healthcare outcomes for more people and increase the quality of healthcare system globally. In other words, the opportunity is there and is ready to take it.

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