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 DELTA ; A New-Born Token

The transactions volume on Uniswap decentralized exchange has been around 1.6 billion dollars, but in March 29, only during 24 hrs, it has grown up to %450 and the total transactions volume reached 7.17 billion dollars, according to the data. The main reason is the advent of a new-born token on the Uniswap platform called DELTA, which we are going to discuss in this article.

DELTA token

The new-born token is called DELTA, which recently could take %85 of the total liquidity (approximately 6.13 billion $) on Uniswap platform. DELTA is built based on Ethereum blockchain and has started to work since yesterday. For now, users can only have it by staking or buying directly from Uniswap.

What is the purpose of DELTA?  Due to lack of liquidity, trading in option market becomes very expensive and volatile. DELTA claims to be the solution. In fact, this project is using a liquidity standard, which aims to provide a competitive price for option contracts. In order to fulfill this purpose, DELTA provides a vesting schedule for liquidity. Thus, when a DELTA token is transferred, a vesting schedule token becomes activated. In this case, user will receive %10 of the transferred token balance and the remaining %90 will be locked in the network. The remaining balance will be released in multiple stages over 2 weeks. Consequently, the lack of liquidity will be compensated.

According to what we discussed above, the increased transactions volume that Uniswap experienced is the result of the new liquidity system and an algorithmic method to increase the token price during its minting time. Actually, DELTA toying with Uniswap liquidity pools to seemingly keep liquidity solid and price less volatile.

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