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Do not underestimate VeChain

According to a recent poll done by financial research company RealVision on twitter, VeChain is one of those cryptocurrencies which has been significantly undervalued. This is while VeChain is a suitable option for investment and has a great potential to grow. Thus, Do not underestimate VeChain.

Do not underestimate VeChain ; potentials

Vechain is the 22th strong cryptocurrency with 6.1 billion market cap. Interestingly, It could surpass its rivals Hedra Hashgraph and RavenCoin and aimed to reach 0.1$ per coin.

The question here is that what are the factors, which will affect Vechain price in future. One of them is the positive activities of VeChain Foundation. VeChain Foundation cooperates regularly with different organizations and projects. The most recent example is partnership with Ubitquity Company, which is a blockchain service provider. This company planned to use VeChain network in order to build and launch one of its solutions.

Additionally, VeChain is cooperating with Yizhiji – a Chinese-French cosmetics firm -, aluminum giant company Hydro and Puff Bar- US Vape Company. However, this is not the end of the story. Recently, VeChain CEO stated that the foundation is negotiating to work with giant automotive companies in order to decrease the industrial CO2 pollution.

On the other hand, Libotony one of the VeChain developers has noted that the Sync2 version will support ledger hardware wallets. In fact, Sync 2 is a new application launched by VeChain and aimed to integrate blockchain and decentralized applications on a larger scale.

For those reasons above, Vechain is one of the potential cryptocurrencies in the market, which worth that every investor takes a look at and has it in their portfolio. Vechain foundation did its best so far and still has progressive growth due to its collaboration and integrations. Although it still couldn’t climb the CoinMarketCap table to a reasonable place, we may witness its continuous growth in near future.

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