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Dynamo Kyiv Launches Fan Tokens 

According to recent news of blockchain and crypto industry, the Ukrainian football team Dynamo Kyiv launches fan tokens. By growth of crypto adoption and spread of COVI-19 pandemic, many football clubs has entered the blockchain and crypto industry. They issued fan tokens in order to keep interactions with their fans in different aspects.

Ukrainian Team Dynamo Kyiv Launches Fan Tokens

As you may know, fan tokens are digital assets that are designed to help teams take additional benefits. These crypto assets would let the clubs increase fan’s interaction, gain revenue and be updated in the field of technology.

Due to spread of COVID-19, which made stadiums empty, Ukrainian football team Dynamo Kyiv decided to compensate some parts of its income using fan tokens. Dynamo Kyiv partnered with Moonwalk to launch a set of incentives for fans to interact with the club in the time of pandemic. Moonwalk is a company that helps digital businesses in branding.

Using fan tokens, Dynamo Kyiv fans can get engaged in social activities related to the club such as voting in social media or predicting games results. They can take the advantages of fan tokens on a mobile app both offline and online.

As stadiums remain empty these days, many sport clubs are in search of new sources of revenue. Not only Dynamo Kyiv, but also many other football teams like FC Barcelona, Atletico de Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus are in the list of those, who launched fan tokens.

Dynamo Kyive entrance to the crypto world is following the government plan for digital assets regulation. It is notable that Ukraine Ministry of Digital Transformation is exploring and researching on regulations for crypto and digital assets industry.

By spread of adoption, the rush of sports teams into blockchain and crypto field is not out of mind.

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