August 10, 2021
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Edgeware Project; The Polkadot Friend

It is a while that Polkadot is under the beam light due to its capabilities to integrate blockchain ecosystem. Although Polkadat provides the essential technology and infrastructure to build powerful and useful products, its potential is greater than what has been used so far. In this article, we are going to take a look at Edgeware project, which is one of the projects trying to accelerate the process of Polkadat public utilization.

Edgeware project; dApps platform

Edgeware project (EDG) aims to help entrepreneurs and dApp creators to take the advantage of Polkadot capabilities as much as possible. The main purpose of this platform is to provide a democratic environment in which users can introduce their ideas, raise fund and interact with others. They also can use powerful tools and features of Edgeware to build their products. Edgeware plans to create a platform for the future generation of dApps. It will allow developers to use it easily through Ewasm to re-establish Ethereum smart contracts without any changes.

Additionally, Edgeware is the provider of an extensive range of modules that developers can use them to bootstrap their products and creation of advanced governance capabilities. This means that it allows creators to build products, which support full encryption.

Edgeware is based on Substrate framework and is intertwined with the vast ecosystem of Polkadot. Therefore, Edgeware-based projects will be able to create their products for DeFi world using the inter-chain support. In a nutshell, Edgeware goal is to become a chain governance for all blockchain projects in order to help to build a network of DAOs, which can form the future of Blockchain industry.

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