August 9, 2021
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Enjin coin (ENJ) is the cryptocurrency of the Enjin platform. It’s an Ethereum based token (it means ENJ is a ERC20 token). It uses smart contract platform that uses blockchain as the backbone of gaming ecosystem future. In fact, Enjin coin designed to simplify the payment process for the gamers and make them to be able to earn through their activities.

The Enjin project hosted by the Singapore-based company of the same name. It focused on online gaming by creating community platforms. The developing and founding team consists of Maxim Blagov (founder and CEO), Witek Radomski (CTO), Josh Woelfel (lead Engineer) and Vyacheslav Volkov (mobile developer).



Enjin platform is a well-known content management system designed for the gaming community, which cooperates with several major online game developers. As a result, It aims to create a single platform, which players would be allowed to keep their rewards, characters and assets across various game universes.

ENJ came to solve major problems by creating an open and safe market. users can mine Enjin coin as same as Ethereum and other tokens based on its protocol. Tokens, which created in this manner would have real-life value. Tokens are immune to server failure, hacking attacks or any malicious actions of other gamers etc.

What makes Enjin coin attractive?

It has a well-known platform

Enjin has around 20 million users globally and an excellent reputation. As a result, it makes a positive impact on the commercial attractiveness of the coin. It also makes it be able to even develop further to have a positive price prediction.

Enjin coin transactions are transparent

It provides a transparent market of gaming products, which attracts interest from gamers in cryptocurrency.

Reliable technical support

 Any problems or delays in transactions responded quickly. So, it makes a user trust for the community.

Ambitious plan

Enjin platform have plan to unite 250 thousand communities and more than 20 million users. This plan will attract new investors to the project, which will increase the price.

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