August 10, 2021
Ethanol X crypto
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Ethanol; Less Fees; More Rewards

According to crypto world news, it is for a while that high transaction fees on Ethereum network has irritated investors. Accordingly, Ethanol developers started to solve this problem through a version of Ethanol. Although some projects as Chi Tokens and Unidexgas Token also tried to resolve this challenge, no one was as successful as Ethanol. Ethanol provides ENOL holders to recover %100 of the fees they have paid on Ethereum network. In fact, Ethanol provides lower fees besides more reward. Now, this project aims to strengthen itself throughout a new update called Ethanol X.

Ethanol provides lower fees besides more reward

Ethanol X or in short called Enox is an upgraded and more advanced version of ENOL token that not only help users with some common problems like distribution fees, scalability, volatility, and sustainability, but also let them gain reward through their daily transactions. In addition, each user will receive a %2 reward for holding Enox tokens regardless of his activities.

Ethanol X is a decentralized innovative and credential way to reward for network fees (or gas).  Enox allows users to claim %2 of the total tokens are holding in their crypto wallets as reward. Therefore, in order to get reward from Ethanol X, there is no need to perform transactions on the network. Furthermore, this version of Ethanol has new points and advantages in comparison to the previous one. These advantages include, Decentralized on-chain gas reward distribution, switching from gas distribution to gas credits, sustainability, price stabilizing mechanism and on-chain rewards for referrals.

In the first version, returning a portion of transaction fees caused controversy in crypto community. Now, users are waiting to see what the outcome of gas credit system will be?

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